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An Easy Way To Troubleshoot The Switch Core Testing Phase.

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    error when using the main BIST test switch. Returns: test completed 0x00000011, low: test completed high: test 0x000000ff

    Stage 00:00:12

    error with switch core bist test phase

    UTC Monday 8 March 1993: Unexpected Exception on CPUvector 700, PC=4868C8

    -Traceback= 4868C8 486800 A5FCE0 47E648 4855A8 A8A3B0 A8A6E4 4BB154 48C7FC A4D474 A4D50C 6D5438 6D5694 488670 47FCA4

    I tried making a copy of xmodem for one version and a different version for iOS and got the same. Is there anything I can fix or is it a hardware problem? The fit worked helplessly for a while before failing, and that’s almost certainly what happened after a machine like this. I think it’s hardware, but I hope the player can help me fix Le.

    The effect of crosstalk reduces integrity as well as signal transmission over long channels, which, according to experts, should be taken into account from a testing point of view. Because ATE is widely used to study the effects of high-speed crosstalk, the BIST method is an accurate method for performing such a test. In this article, weWe propose this strategy in which all connections between the switches of a typical two-dimensional network node are tested completely in parallel and applied in each type of switch, as you can see. Test links all at once; The quasi-synchronous method is widely used to allocate hours throughout the NOC. The adopted method not only significantly reduces the defined time for the test application, but also reduces the target overhead in the overall NOC, since the source word of the output buffers is reused by the switcher integration for definition model generators.

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    error with switch core bist test phase

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    Fully synchronized method based on BIST for I test crosstalk errors in

    lines between switches in NOC

    Reza Nourmandi- For



    , Nays Mousavian



    of Computer Science, Sirjan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Sirjan, Iran


    Payame Noor University (PNU), Sirjan, Iran

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