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Tips For Fixing 0xcccccccc Location

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    In this blog post, we will share some of the possible causes that might be generating the 0xcccccccc location and then I will share some possible solutions that you can try to get rid of this problem. « Access Violation Access Violation In computing, a segmentation fault (often shorter than a segfault) or access violation is an error or error condition caused by hardware memory protection that informs a running system that (os) tools have attempted to access a convenient area (memory memory is broken). Always means that an invalid index or handle is present in the application. If the value is 0xcccccccc, the sources that the pointer is not called before this tool have a valid value (nothing else is initialized).

    Either an initialized pointer, or just freed memory in a stored pointer. I think cccccccc is now the first one and cdcdcdcd is the second one, but it really depends on the compiler/library implementation.

    For your particular code, myMap is definitely not assigned yet, but myMap[0][0] will result in an attempt to access 0xcccccccc < / codes>.< /p>
    location 0xcccccccc

    It may also happen that several mymap are the beginning of a class, and the class pointer is still not initialized:

    mMap class    tile myMap[10][20];Public:     nullify f() myMap[0][0] is 0;;mMap* what;what->f(); // what is a special invalid pointer

    This is because the component's function is not virtual, so each of our compilers knows what code to move and passes the object pointer with a hidden parameter. Finally, the exact compiler does a calculation like:

    location 0xcccccccc

    this + offsetof(Whatever::myMap) + z Sizeof(myMap[0]) (empty) I + * sizeof(myMap[0][0])

    this one, since it is not initialized, it will probably be 0xcccccccc. Obviously the offsetof element is null and i and z are both null the first time in the loop, so you get 0xcccccccc +0++0 as memory address.debug

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    To do this, use the locate call stack on a function called fillMap. Then test the performance of the one that came from where the pointer for the partner access used (-> ) came from.

    As the name suggests, I get the following problem message:
    First Chance Exception in In Nyår 0x00d690d1.exe: Access Violation 0xc0000005: read location from 0xcccccccc.
    Handled pass not at address 0x00d690d1 In nyår.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading from location 0xcccccccc.

    #include#include#include "Membersregistryhead.Main() hour"interval _CrtSetDbgFlag( _CRTDBG_ALLOC_MEM_DF// which Header is in the PartnerRegister object: /////////////////////////////////////////////#ifndef REGISTRATION PARTICIPANT_H#define "Record member Memberhead_h#include#include#include.h"Course participantsRegisterPublic:SubscriberRegister();// Default constructor~ParticipantRegister();// DestructorSubscriberRegister(const SubscriberRegister &obj);// Copy constructorvoid typeOut();void createObject();invalid statement = (constant MemberRegister &obj);Private:Participant **Participant;all size;std::string something;;#end if// RegistrationRegister object cpp:// ///////////////////////////////SubscriberRegister::SubscriberRegister()    size = 1;    member **member = new member*[size];    for (int my partner = 0; i < size; my hubby and i ++)            member[i] = new member();    RegisterSubscriber::~RegisterSubscriber()void MemberRegister::typeOut()    std::cout << Subscriber[0]->toString();// Here, ina problem arise// Member object header file:// ////////////////////////////////#ifndef PARTICIPANT_H#include#include#includeMember member_h# define classPrivate:    std::stringname;    std::string address;    std::string full string;    std::string payment status;    logical paid;Public:    member(std::string name, std::string address);// constructor    participants();// normal constructor    ~Participant();// Destructor   // Phrase    void setName(std::string name);    void setAddress(std::stringaddress);    void setPaid(bool paid);   //  Receive    std::string getName() const;    std::string getAddress() const;    boolean getPaid() const;   // storage function   // read function    save(std::ofstream & void out);    empty read (std::ifstream &in);    std::string toString();// return a string with information about deltagaren    int operator<(const Member &obj);// different types of objects by name (in alphabetical order)    int operator==(const member &obj);// find object by name;// Participant object cpp:// //////////////////////////////////#include "Participanthead.h"Participant::Participant(std::string name, std::string address) // Constructor    this->name = name;    this->address = address;    paid = false;    complete string = "";    Payment status = "Avgift ej betald";Participant::Participator() // Default constructor    name = "Bertil";    complete string = "";    Payment status = "Avgift ej betald";Participants::~Participants() // Destructor// togethervoid Member::setName(std::string name)    this->name = name;void Member::setAddress(std::string address)    this->address implies an address;void Subscriber::setPaid(bool paid)    this->paid = paid;// receivestd::string Subscriber::getName() constant    returns this->name;std::string Const member::getadress() echo this->address;bool Member::getPaid() const    return->paid;// read and saveinvalid member::keep(std::ofstream&out)    from << toString();invalid member::read(std::ifstream &in)        getline(in, name);        getline(input, address);        getline(in, paid status);        should (paidstatus == "Avgift betald")                    set paid (true);                otherwise it's obvious if (paidstatus == "Avgift ej betald")                    set paid (false);        // create a stringstd::string member::toString()    this->completestring is equivalent to this->name + "n" + this->address + n" everywhere;    provided (that->paid)            this->completeteststring += "Avgift betaldn";        moreover, if (!this->paid)            this->completeststring += "Avgift ej betaldn";        return this->fullth line;// sort object by process name (in alphabetical order Participant::operator)int < (const member and object)    if(this->getName() getName() == obj.getName())            return 1;        profit 0;

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    Standort 0xcccccccc
    위치 0xcccccccc
    Emplacement 0xcccccccc
    Ubicacion 0xcccccccc
    Locatie 0xcccccccc
    Posizione 0xcccccccc
    Lokalizacja 0xcccccccc
    Plats 0xcccccccc
    Mestopolozhenie 0xcccccccc
    Local 0xcccccccc