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Unformat Fat32 Freeware Easy Fix Solution

If you have seen the free software Raw Fat32, this user guide should help you.

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    Apply Unformat: and recover unformatted HDD/SSD data from USB HDDs, flash drives, SD cards, etc. for free

    Were you formatting your hard drive by mistake when Windows shows a nice error message saying “You need to format your hard drive in drive N: when you see if you can use it” and possibly lost important data ?

    Follow the content menu bar for the easiest formatting solution right now:

    What Does Unformatted Mean

    How do I Unformat to fat32?

    Connect a USB storage device to your computer.Open Disk Utility.Click to name on the USB storage of the left panel.Click here to switchClick on the current “Delete” tab. YouIn the Format: Political Choice Scope field, click . MS-DOS file system.Click Remove.In the uninstall confirmation dialog, go to .Close the Disk Utility window.

    unformat fat32 freeware

    In order to understand what unformatted means, you must first understand what format means.

    Format, usually referred to as a high-level format, is the concept of preparing a selected disk partition for use, deleting all data, and setting up a new file system.

    Recovery from raw fileFormat refers to the loss of data from another heavily formatted drive, such as a hard drive.

    What to do if you formatted a specific device incorrectly and how to format a drive? For Mac Internet users, see Formatting a Mac Hard Drive Partition. Windows Visitors can follow the guide below to safely format the drive and recover all files instantly. Name=”part2″>

    What To Do If You Formatted The Wrong Drive

    Here are two things to consider if you decide to actually format fake Kindle storage such as hard drive, USB flash drive, external SD card, etc. :

  • Turn off the first provisioned device. Do not use or keep files for beginners on your disk.
  • Then, seek help from a trusted recovery software for formats.
  • If you need free unformatted software, EaseUS free data recovery software can help you efficiently.

    Best Freenew Free Software Of 2022

    EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is a free marketing data recovery software that can completely get rid of the problem, allowing all users to recover formatted data files from local disk, hard disk, USB hard drive or collector’s card, memory, etc. etc., easy.

    unformat fat32 freeware

    If you have lost something important formatting because of your hard drive, EaseUS Recovery data Wizard will help you recover your children’s data.

    How do I unformat a drive for free?

    Step 1: Download and install all free raw software – Eassos Recovery free on your computer. Connect the configuration hard disk to the PC, make sure it is recognized by the system. Step 2: Launch Eassos Recovery and select the “Recover files from hard disk” option in the main interface.

    This unformatted freeware is interesting for its performance, high stability and flexibility:

  • Supports format recovery, deleted file recovery, partition recovery, OS crash recovery, etc.
  • Supports all file types (photos, videos, downloads, audio documents, emails…)
  • How To Recover Formatted Data With EaseUS Unformat

    In order for freeware to format a storage device, a person needs to complete the following two processes:

    1. RestoreRestore Data From A Formatted Hard Drive

    The easeus recovery wizard can make it easy for you to format your hard drive, close your USB drive, memory card, etc. With a few reliable clicks, you can easily recover your lost files after a few minutes of formatting.

    Note. To improve the chances of data recovery, during data recovery, install the EaseUS software on a different hard drive, not on a formatted hard drive.

    Is there a way to unformat a drive?

    There are several Microsoft-supported ways to format your company data. You may need to use a third-party tool such as Recuva or Remo Recovery. In cases where the sectors of the drive are not actually overwritten, you may be able to recover the data a little better.

    Step 1: Run the EaseUS Recovery Data Wizard. Select the drive you accidentally formatted and click Analyze.

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    Step 2. This formatted hard drive recovery software starts all searching for lost data and files. After decryption, you can click “Filter” to highlight a specific file type and easily find the files you need. Or click “Find Files” or “Folder Data” to select the ones you want to recover.

    Step 3. View the scanned file. Then select the files you want to collect and click Restore. Directly select a new save location for the files, then click OK.

    Note. Do not save recovered files before returning them in a formatted form to your device. guarantees that they will again be available for information and facts.

    The above steps show you how to format your hard drive. You can use the same mode for recovery data from other storage devices.

    2. Format Or Restore The Previous File System On The Device (optional)

    If you changed the device’s file program during formatting and want to directly restore the previous disk file format, you can try formatting or resetting the hard disk file system again.

    Therefore, we recommend that you save the recovered data somewhere safe to avoid further data loss.

    Here we’ve chosen USB FAT32 as a great example to show you how to restore your device to its latest file system:

    Step 1 ConnectConnect USB to PC, press + windows e to open File Explorer.

    a step or more. Install FAT32 as circle files (assuming its fat32 format is not paid), check “Quick Format” and go to “Start”.

    You can also use this method to restore your device to other imaging systems if you have recovered the formatted data with the free EaseUS Unformat software and saved it in a safe place.

    Bonus. If you want to convert FAT32 back to NTFS on your storage devices, besides this formatting, you can also try: convert FAT32 to ntfs without data loss.


    On this page, we have specifically explained what “unformatting” is, what actually is exactly the process that restores data based on a theme. If you have formatted a frustrating drive by mistake, you should first stop manufacturing the device and then seek help from a reliable unformatted software.

    Is unformat free?

    2022 Best Free Unformatting Free Software Support formatted recovery, recovery from deleted files, partition recovery, from OS crash therapy, etc. Supports existing all file styles (photos, video files, audio, documents, emails)

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